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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reductionistic vs. Holistic





這些年的龜步摸索之後,有了部分體會,這兩者並不衝突。我懂了在植物面前要謙卑的態度。We try to break down or analyze an herb or essential oil's components, in an attempt to understand why it is able to do what it does for us. But what's more important in trying to breaking it all down, is that we should learn to appreciate the plant as a whole, how it is capable of doing what it does for itself, and benefit us human beings who just happened to be lucky enough to share the world with them.



ps. 最後詩人在隔天的早晨把物理學家的論點,寫到他朗誦的新詩裡面。

Let me tell you a little something about beauty, Mr. Hobbs. 
You seem to think I can't appreciate beauty because I study the intricacies of its components. 
It was Richard Feynman, physicist, personal hero of mine, who put it best. He said that he could appreciate the beauty of a flower more than, say, uh, you. He said he could see more than the average man sees. He could imagine its cells, he could appreciate that the flower evolved in order to make its colors more attractive to insects. Which means that insects see color. I mean, maybe they share our aesthetic sense. Recognizing the majesty of the quantum world only adds to the beauty of life. It does not subtract. So to answer your question, Mr. Hobbs, I don't just live in a beautiful world, I understand it.

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