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20230323 日記

今天的塔羅抽到戰車,巨蟹、宮主星月亮、是木星旺宮,兩匹戰馬拉著衝浪的主角,維持平衡,衝浪版上有聖杯。 早上就開始有視窗跳動,新的工作接洽,周末萃取行程聯繫。腦袋裡面有阿育吠陀和占星藥草兩大塊拉距,各位是天使/宇宙媽媽派來的嗎,發那麼大張提示卡,叫我往前衝。但是思緒很亂可以讓我集中...

Thursday, March 16, 2023

20230316 日記




Chiron in Aries

This placement of Chiron indicates that you have deep injuries, both in the physical and psychological sense of the word. Chiron here indicates that you often encourage and support others but you fail to give this to yourself.

Chiron in Aries people often experience that they are denied to be who they really are. Identity issues are one of the most painful things in life, being forced to be someone who you are not. People with this placement sometimes feel that they don’t have the right to exist.

Chiron in Eleventh House

Chiron in the eleventh house suggests wounding related to groups. Maybe they didn’t live up to your expectations, and you were betrayed. People with this placement are often anxious around others. This placement suggests that at some point in your life, you lost your faith in the universe.

Chiron retrograde natal shows a tendency to hold on to pain longer than it is necessary for the healing process.

Saturn Retrograde

There can be more than usual experiences of guilt and self-doubt when Saturn is retrograde in the birth chart. Fears are internalized and they might put on a brave front so that others don't see them as vulnerable.

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